Grant's Page

DC AFC Valleyhunter Vermilion Grant, CD, MH, JHR, VC, ROM

NAVHDA Utility Test Prize 1(Perfect Score)

NAVHDA Natural Ablility Test Prize 1 (Perfect Score)

Sire: CH Egri I Like Ike, CDX, MH, AX, OAJ, VC, ROM

Dam: DC AFC Valley Hunters Divine Penlee, CDX, RAE2, MH, MX, MXJ, NFP, VC, ROM


***** Grant is the FIRST and ONLY Vizsla to earn a DC/AFC/MH/UT Prize 1 *****

***** Grant is the FIRST and ONLY Vizsla to earn a JHR title *****


AKC Registration # SR09741403

NAVHDA Registration # VI-394



Grant's Page on Vizsla Dual Champion Database

Field Trial Record

Grant at 8 weeks. DOB 3/28/03 Grant pointing a quail at 11 weeks old. Grant at 17 months had 12 show points including a major.

OFA Hips Excellent (VZ-9145E24M-PI)     OFA Elbows Normal (VZ-EL464M24-PI)    OFA Thyroid Normal (VZ-TH88/15M-PI)

OFA Cardiac Normal (VZ-CA34/15M/C-PI)   CERF Normal (VZ-477-2004/2006/2008)

AKC DNA # V293163

vonWillebrand factor 155% (normal range =70-180%) Cornell

Grant pointing a covey at 11 months in south Texas. Grant at 2 y/o had 2 Open Puppy, 2 Amateur Puppy, and 2 Amateur Derby field trial points. Grant retrieving a quail at 9 months. Notice the boots to protect against Texas cactus.
November 2004 - Grant and Eddie with a rabbit and both blue and bobwhite quail from a morning's hunt at the Heard Ranch in S. Texas. November 2004 - Grant retrieving a female bobwhite quail on the Heard Ranch. March 2005 - Grant winning the Hunting Dog Stake at the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club field trial at just 2 years and a week old!
December 2003 - Grant pointing a woodcock in south Louisiana at 9 months old. Grant, 3rd place in Open Dog from a class of 16 at Nationals 2004, owner handled! December 2004 - Eddie and Grant after Grant's first duck hunt.
Grant June 05 Grant retrieving an Oklahoma quail in December 2005. Grant pointing a covey of quail in Oklahoma, December 2005.
November 2006 - Grant performing a successful duck search of a wood duck at Neupoint farm. November 2006 - Grant retrieving a wood duck shot by Eddie at Neupoint pond. November 2006 - Grant delivering a wood duck.
November 2006 - Grant retrieving a widgeon on our Oklahoma Thanksgiving hunt. November 2006 - Grant proudly holds a female widgeon shot by Scott Petty on our Thanksgiving hunt in Oklahoma. Thanksgiving 2006 - Grant with a male widgeon shot in Oklahoma.
January 2007 - Grant pointing a single bobwhite on the Heard Ranch in El Indio, TX. New Year 2007 - Eddie getting ready to flush and shoot a bobwhite with Grant pointing, Heard Ranch. January 2007 - Eddie flushing bobwhite quail with Grant holding point, Heard Ranch.
January 2007 - Grant earns his first Master Hunter qualification at the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club test. February 2007 - Grant wins the Amateur Gun Dog stake, a 3 point major at the South Louisiana VC walking Field Trial, judges - Mark Smith and Deborah Lynn. February 2007 - Grant earns his 2nd Master Hunter qualification at the Timucuan Weimaraner Club's test - Judges Denise and William Abbey.

February 2007 - Grant earns his 3rd Master Hunter qualification at the GSP Club of San Antonio. Judges Susan Sealy and Phil Stout.

July 2007 - Grant completes the requirements for the VCA Versatility Certificate!

July 2007 - Grant completes his AKC Companion Dog (CD) requirements, passing 4 times in a row with scores of 192, 191.5, 187, and 190.
November 2007 - Grant earns his 4th Master Hunter qualification at the SLVC, Judges Nina and Mike Johnson. March 2008 - Grant completes his Master Hunter title at the Tampa Bay VC, Judges Don Bonice and Pat Carney. November 2008 - Grant earns a Prize 3 in his first attempt at the NAVHDA Utility test.

December 2008 - El Bayou Grande Ranch Southwest Texas

Grant retrieves a rabbit that Eddie shot - the first part of the versatile hunting dog trifecta.

December 2008 -El Bayou Grande Ranch

Grant is sent to retieve a limit of ducks from a tank (in Texas they call ponds tanks) when the hunter could not get to them himself. Grant gladly obliges, his UT duck search training put to good use!

December 2008 - El Bayou Grande Ranch

Grand completes the versatile hunting dog trifecta by retrieving a bobwhite quail! Those versatile hunting skills are appreciated!

January 2009 Texas

Grant retrieving a spoonbill from a Texas tank/pond.


January 2009 SpurTexas

Grant retrieving a blue quail.

January 2009 Spur Texas

Grant retrieving a rabbit, completing another versatile hunting dog trifecta!

January 2009 Spur Texas

Grant pointing a late afternoon covey with Dr. Dale Trahan preparing to flush and shoot.

January 2009 Spur Texas

Grant retrieving a bobwhite hen to Eddie on a very cold windy morning hunt. Even with the very difficult conditions the dogs found 6 coveys that morning.

January 2009 Spur Texas

Grant finds another covey with Chase backing.

February 2009

Grant wins the Open Limited Retrieving Stake at the South Louisiana Vizsla Club trial for 2 points. Judges Joyce Miley and Raymond Whatley.

February 2009

Grant wins the Open Gun Dog Major at the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Trial for 3 points. Judges Lisa Durham and Cindy Hibler.

March 7, 2009

Grant becomes a Dual Champion!!!

He wins the 3 point Open Gun Dog Retrieving Major at the Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club trial. Judges Burnie Stokes and Tom Longfellow.

March 8, 2009

Grant earns another NAVHDA Utility Test Prize 3 at the Lone Star Chapter. Score of 189/204 points.

This picture is from a duck hunt in a flooded rice field in South Louisiana with Adele's brother, Bryon Hatrel.

March 28, 2009 -

Grant completes the requirements for his Amateur Field Championship at the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club field trial by winning the Amateur Limited Gun Dog Retrieving stake for 2 retrieving points. Judges Jan Erbe and Don Bonnice. Don reminded me that he gave Grant his first amateur puppy points with the comment of "WOW" and that today's performance was another "WOW"!

March 2008

YIPEE! Finishing a Dual Championship and an AFC in the same month! Grant finished both his FC and AFC with two majors. Both titles were all owner handled by Adele.

Grant finished his AFC on his 6th birthday! What a way to celebrate!


October 3, 2009

Grant earns a Prize 2 in NAVHDA Utility at the Big Muddy Chapter in Kansas, score 182/204

October 7, 2009

Grant earns his 8th Master Hunter leg at the WPGA national hunt test in Enid, OK.

October 9, 2009

Grant earns a Prize 1 in NAVHDA Utility at the Oklahoma Chapter in Enid, OK. That qualified him for the Invitational in September 2010. Grant made Vizsla history with his prize 1 in UT, he is the first Vizsla to earn a DC, AFC, MH and NAVHDA UT Prize 1.

November 2009

Grant pointing a covey of bobwhite quail on our final morning hunt

November 2009

Grant pins a covey

November 2009

Grant and Eddie watch the covey flush, shucks, Eddie missed.

December 14, 2009

Grant pointing a hen pheasant on our pheasant hunt in the Texas Panhandle with Burnie Stokes.

December 19, 2009

Grant poses with his woodcock during an afternoon hunt on Neupoint Farm.

December 19, 2009

Grant points a pair of woodcock on Neupoint Farm with Carter backing.

January 2010

NW Oklahoma - Grant pointing a covey of bobwhites on our last morning of hunting.

January 2010

NW Oklahoma - Grant retrieving a bobwhite quail hen.

January 2010

NW Oklahoma - Grant with a bobwhite rooster.


October 31, 2010

Grant earns a NAVHDA Utility Prize 1 with a perfect score at the Texas Chapter's inaugural test in Decatur, Texas. This requalified him for the NAVHDA Invitational in 2011. Good boy, Grant!

September 2011

Grant wins 2nd in the Field Trial Dog class at the VCA National Specialty in Denver, CO under breeder-judge, Linda Kelly!

December 2011

Grant is awarded a VCA Registry of Merit!


May 2012

Grant is the FIRST and ONLY Vizsla to earn a Junior Hunter Retriever title. He passed 4 tests in a row! Photo by Kirk Meche





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